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How to choose the right android device for testing across multiple devices?
What device will/do most users realistically use?
What set of devices fits for your project?

ChooseDevice will help you to answer these questions!

The main idea is to choose most popular devices for your project to cover more android visits. Coverage can be calculated by major parameters: Api level (OS version), screen size, PPI (pixels per inch) and resolution.

Features and benefits

  • Save your time. We collected information about 360 android devices to help you to find the one that fits most.
  • All devices are filtered and grouped by major parameters.
  • Use real statistic from your project.
  • 100% Free!

How it works:

Please, follow steps below:

1 Create an account or just log in with your Google account.

Create an account or just log in with your Google account. Sign In or Sign Up.

2 Add devices that you already have for testing.

Add devices that you already have on "My devices" page. It will help to find uncovered groups of devices in future research.

Skip this step and proceed to the Step 3 if you have no selected devices.

3 Upload statistic from Google Analytics.

Find a report of mobile devices in your Google Analytics account. Go to Audience > Mobile > Devices. Export data in SCV format.

Upload the exported file to "Statistic" page

You can also use statistic from another source, but make sure that uploaded SCV file has two columns: Manufacturer Model and Visits.

If some devices are not found in our database, we will add them in a short period of time.

Please contact us if you noticed that a device is missing or if you use a different statistic system.

4 Filter and group devices by parameters.

Use the panel on the left to filter and group devices.

Find groups of devices which are not covered by your test devices. Choose an uncovered device from the group. Please note that current implementation allows to find only most popular devices.

Group devices by the following parameters: api level (os version), screen resolution, screen size or ppi. If you want to see more parameters, please, let us know.

Use statistic to choose between multiple devices suitable for your project.

5 Post feedback to us. It is very important due to application in beta now.

Please, help us to become better. Let us know about your experience with ChooseDevice. Click the Feedback link in the Header.

6 Share the ChooseDevice project with your colleagues, friends, and community.

Please, help the project to become famous. Share information about the project with your colleagues and friends. We appreciate your help! Click links to share in the Footer.

NOTE: Current implementation allows to choose devices by popularity, but this is not always the best choice. If you need to choose a device by productivity (CPU), cost or some other parameters, please, contact us and will be happy to help you!